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Bibliotheca Polyglotta
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Arabic Texts
The library will contain Arabic texts that have been the basis of translations, and thus diffusion, of Arabic concepts throughout the areas of Islamic culture. The Qur’an is naturally most important.
This library will contain the Old Testament in parallel versions in Hebrew, with the Greek Septuaginta, the Latin Vulgata, and the King James Bible versions. Further it will encompass the New Testament in its Greek version, the Latin Vulgata and the King James.
Bibliotheca Polyglotta Graeca et Latina
The library will contain multilingual texts where the original is written in Greek or Latin. Translations into Latin, Armenian, Syriac, Arabic, German, Nordic, English and other languages are included.
Cuneiform Multilinguals
The Library will contain Akkadian, Hittite and Hurrian multilingual texts in cuneiform writing.
Library of Old Norse
The library is established with the purpose of making the Old Norse literature available for reading and search, with the original Old Norse text, and with Norwegian and English translations.
Motif Library of Mythology
The site has the object of describing and accessing Norse Mythology by way of its motifs. The texts from which the motifs are generated are also part of the Library.
Norwegian Place Names - Norske stedsnavn
This Library so far contains Norwegian and Swedish place names ending in -by and -bø.
Pāli Tipiṭaka
This library is publishing the Word of the Buddha in Pāli with English and Thai translations.
This library will contain literature translated from Sanskrit into Persian, and from Persian into other languages.
The Ashoka Library
With this library it is intended to make the inscriptions of Ashoka easily available on the internet, and further build a collection of other sources related to Ashoka.
The Kanjur Buddhist Sūtras in Tibetan
The library contains the sūtras in the Kanjur, i.e. all texts exepting the Vinaya and the Tantric texts.
The Multilingual Ibsen
This Library makes available the numerous translations made of Henrik Ibsen‘s plays, in an attempt to follow the conceptual flow following the translingual mobility which these works have undergone.
Thesaurus Literaturae Buddhicae
The Thesaurus contains a number of texts written originally in Indic Buddhist languages, and then translated into Chinese, Tibetan, etc. Also modern translations into English, etc., are given in the parallel versions.
Universal Declaration of Human Rights
This document is displayed in its six working languages, English, French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic and Chinese. More languages will also be added for this important multilingual text.

A longer description of the project, about its scope and aims, is found here.
If you wish to comment, contribute to the page, or publish your works on the page, contact Jens Braarvig. Any corrections are appreciated!