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The books of the Old Testament, but most of all those of the New Testament have profoundly influenced the conceptual structures of human thinking, as well as institutions, throughout two millennia. It is the most translated book ever, and its impact is identified in a great number of historical and geographical contexts. This page intends to give the original texts and chosen number of its various translations, and thus be a resource page on the diffusion of concepts and ways of thinking for which the Bible has been the vehicle.

Available so far are:


Genesis Heb/Gre/Syr/Lat/Arm/Eng

Exodus Heb/Gre/Syr/Lat/Arm/Eng

Leviticus Heb/Gre/Syr/Lat/Arm/Eng

Numeri Heb/Gre/Syr/Lat/Eng

Deuteronomium Heb/Gre/Syr/Lat/Eng



Novum Testamentum Gre/Lat/Eng


Old Norse and Coptic versions will soon be part of the OT, while a new version of the NT will be availble soon with many languages.


Links, sources and resources:

Documenta Catholica Omnia

Proiel has detailed analyses of many old NT translations as resources for the study of Indo-European languages



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