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Minayeff, Ivan Pavlovich
editor (1840-90)
Professor of Sanskrit (1869) and a professor of the comparative grammar of Indo European languages (1873) at the University of Saint Petersburg. Travelled extensively in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Burma aqcuiring a large collection of Sanskrit and Pali manuscripts now preserved at the State Library of St. Petersburg.
-1889, “Bodhicaryāvatāra”, in Zapiski Vostočnago Otdeleniya Imp. Russkago Arxeologičeskago Občšestva (Transactions of the Oriental Section of the Royal Russian Archeological Society), Vol. IV, p. 153-228, St. Petersbourg; reprinted in Journal of the Buddhist Text Society (1894), Vol. II, parts I and II, Baptist Mission Press, Kolkata, p. 1-32. Bca
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