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ṯanà ثنى , ṯanay‑, ī (ṯany )
ID ... • Sw – • BP – • APD ... • Aut SG
vb., I
1a) to double, b) double up, c) fold, fold up, fold under. – 2 to bend, flex. – 3 to turn away, dissuade, keep, prevent, divert (ʕan from) – WehrCowan1979.
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ṯannà, vb. II, 1a) to double, make double; b) to do twice, repeat; 2 to pleat, plait; 3 to form the dual (of a word); 4 to provide with two diacritical dots (a letter): caus.
taṯannà, vb. V, 1 a) to double, become double; to be doubled; b) to be repeated; 2 to bend, fold; to be bent, be folded, be folded up or under:: pseudopass. from II; 3 to walk with a swinging gait: metaph.
ĭnṯanà, vb. VII, 1 a) to bend, bend up, down or over, lean, incline, bow; b) to fold, be foldable, be folded back: pass. of I; 2 a) to turn away (ʕan from), give up, renounce (ʕan; b) to turn, face (ʔilà toward); to apply o.s., turn (ʔilà to refl. of I; 3 (with foll. imperf.) to set out, prepare (to do .
ĭstaṯnà, vb. X, to except, exclude (min from), make an exception: from ṯanà (3) ‘to turn away, divert’?

ṯany, n., 1 bending; folding; 2 turning away, dissuasion, keeping, prevention: vn. I.
ṯiny, pl. ʔaṯnāʔ , n., 1 fold, pleat, plait, crease (in cloth); 2 bend, twist | ṯinyan baʕda ṯinyin from time to time: perhaps the real etymon (?).
BP#706ʔaṯnāʔᵃ, prep., during; within; in; in the course of: lexicalized of ṯiny , indicating temporal use.
ṯanyaẗ, pl. ‑āt , n., fold, pleat, plait, crease (in cloth); turn-up, cuff (of trousers and sleeves), hem of a garment: n.un. of ṯany (?).
ṯaniyyaẗ, pl. ṯanāyā , n., 1 middle incisor, front tooth; 2 fold, plait; crease (of trousers); 3 a) narrow pass; b) mountain trail | BP#4703fī ṯanāyā in, inside, among, between, frequently only a fuller, rhetorically more elegant expression for ‘in’; ṭallāʕ al-ṯanāyā , n., one with high-flung aspirations: .
ṯanawī, adj., dualist: nsb-adj.
ṯanawiyyaẗ, n.f., dualism: abstr. in ‑iyyaẗ .
ṯunāʔᵘ, and maṯnà, adj., two at a time; ṯunāʔᵃ , adv., as a pair or duo, two and two: .
BP#2152ṯunāʔī, adj., 1 a) twofold, double, dual, binary, bi-; b) bilateral; c) biradical (gram. ); – (‑āt ), n., 2 a) pair, a group of two; b) duet, duo (mus. ) | ṯ. al-buʕd , adj., two-dimensional; ʕalāqāt t.iyyaẗ bilateral relations: nsb-adj from ṯunāʔ (?).
ṯunāʔiyyaẗ, n.f., 1 dualism: abstr. in ‑iyyaẗ ; 2 duet, duo (mus. ): short for qiṭʕaẗ ṯ. ‘(musical) piece for two’, nsb-adj in the f., lexicalized as n.
BP#653ĭṯnāni, f. ĭṯnatāni , num., two: .
ĭṯnā ʕašarᵃ, f. ĭṯnatā ʕašraẗᵃ , num., twelve: .
BP#1347(yawm) al ĭṯnayn, n., Monday: .
BP#80al-ṯānī, num.ord., 1 the second; 2 the next; 3 (coll. ) the other (one) | ṯānī ĭṯnayn , n., the second of a pair, pendant, companion piece, match: .
BP#2403ṯāniyaẗ, pl. ṯawānin , det. al-ṯawānī , n.f., second (time unit): calque from Fr seconde (?).
BP#1455ṯānawī, adj., 1 secondary; 2 minor | ʔumūr ṯ.iyyaẗ matters of secondary importance, minor matters; madrasaẗ ṯ.iyyaẗ secondary school: nsb-adj from ṯānin .
BP#4147ṯānawiyyaẗ, pl. ‑āt , n.f., 1 secondary school: short for madrasaẗ ṯ. , nsb-adj in the f., lexicalized as n.; 2 secondary importance: abstr. in ‑iyyaẗ .
taṯniyaẗ, n.f., 1 a) repetition; b) doubling, gemination; c) (gram. ) dual; d) second sequel (e.g., of a collection of short stories); 2 plaiting, pleating; 3ṯanāʔ . | t. al-ĭštirāʕ Deutoronomy: vn. II.
ĭnṯināʔ, n., 1 bending, flection; 2 flexibility, foldability: vn. VII.
ĭnṯināʔaẗ, pl. ‑āt , n., bend, flexure, curve: n.un. of vn. VII ĭnṯināʔ .
BP#2093ĭstiṯnāʔ, n., exception, exclusion: vn. X.
BP#3465ĭstiṯnāʔī, adj., exceptional | ʔaḥwāl ĭ.iyyaẗ emergencies: nsb-adj from vn. X ĭstiṯnāʔ .
maṯniyy, adj., 1 a) folded; b) plaited, pleated; 2 doubled: PP I.
muṯannan, def. al-muṯannà , adj., 1 double, twofold; 2 in the dual (gram. ): PP II.
mustaṯnan, def. al-mustaṯnà , adj., excepted, excluded (min from): PP X.

For other values cf. →ĭṯnān ‘two’ and →ṯanāʔ ‘praise’.
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