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Homerus: Ilias I
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Click to Expand/Collapse OptionSetting the scene, the rage of Achilles, Chryses and his daughter taken by Agamemnon, his denial to send her back and the pestilence sent by Apollo l.1-56
Click to Expand/Collapse OptionDivination of the cause, dialogue between Achilles and Agamemnon on honour l.57-187
Click to Expand/Collapse OptionAchilles’ anger is checked by Athena, he should use the word not the sword l.188-222
Click to Expand/Collapse OptionAchilles attacks again Agamemnon with harsh words l.223-253
Click to Expand/Collapse OptionNestor speaks l.254-284
Click to Expand/Collapse OptionAgamemnon speaks l.285-291
Click to Expand/Collapse OptionAchilleus answers angrily, Agamemnon orders to take Briseis, and Achilleus, unwillingly, gives her to Agamemnon and complains to his mother Thetis l.292-427
Click to Expand/Collapse OptionOffering to Apollo, Odysseus brings the hecatombe to Chryses, and they feast l.428-492
Click to Expand/Collapse OptionMeeting of the gods with Zeus in Olympus, request of Thetis, suspicion of Hera, and feast l.493-611
Homerus: Ilias I
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