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Mātṛceṭa: Varṇārhavarṇastotra
ā ī ū
ś ź
š č ǰ γ    
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Mātṛceṭa: Varṇārhavarṇastotra
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1. Introduction
2. References
3. Abbreviations
4. Bibliography
5. Credits


The Sanskrit text is based on Hartmann (1987). In addition the material from the following sources have been included:

  1. All the Hoernle fragments (around 35) published in Seishi Karashima, Klaus Wille (eds.): The British Library Sanskrit Fragments I, Tokyo 2006, and The British Library Sanskrit Fragments II, Tokyo 2009;
  2. Nearly 90 unpublished fragments in the Pelliot collection, Paris, the overwhelming majority of which belongs to the section “P.S. fiche” and contains only a few akṣaras;
  3. A few fragments published in the series “Sanskrithandschriften der Berliner Turfanfunde”, vols. IX-XI;
  4. Ten fragments published in Jens Braarvig et al. (eds.), Buddhist Manuscripts, vol. ii, Oslo 2002, pp. 305-311.
  5. A Sanskrit-Uigur bilingual fragment edited together with Dieter Maue: “Neue Spuren von Mātṛceṭas Varṇārhavarṇa”, Zeitschrift der Deutschen Morgenländischen Gesellschaft 141 (1991), pp. 69-82.

Most of these new fragments are listed in Jens-Uwe Hartmann, „Neues zum Varṇārhavarṇa,” Pāsādikadānam. Festschrift für Bhikkhu Pāsādika, ed. M. Straube et al., Marburg 2009 (Indica et Tibetica, 52), 229-241.

The Tibetan text contains another hymn, the dPe las bstod pa, which in its colophon is given as chapter 13 of the Varṇārhavarṇa. It was translated about 200 years later than the VAV and it is attested in none of the Sanskrit manuscripts or the citations. Most likely it is spurious. Here, however, it is included for the sake of completeness, again in the edition of Hartmann 1987.

The German translation of chapters 1 to 13 follows Hartmann 1987; in the first 12 chapters it is modified wherever Sanskrit text found after that edition necessitates such modifications. It also includes corrections listed in the reviews of Minoru Hara (OLZ 86, 1991, 313-318), J.W. de Jong (IIJ 32, 1989, 243-248) and Christian Lindtner (SCEAR 8, 1988, 102-105).


The verse references follow Hartmann (1987). The Tibetan version is based on Derge stod tshogs ka 84a7-100b7. The basic Tibetan text is from ACIP, and the corrections and adaptation to the edition of Hartmann are by Constanze Pabst von Ohain. Akṣaras and words that have not yet been attested in the edition of 1987 are given in italics. Round brackets denote reconstructed text (usually based on the Tibetan translation).


Abbreviations for the whole library.


Hartmann, Jens-Uwe (1987), Das Varṇārhavarṇastotra des Mātṛceṭa, Göttingen (Abhandlungen der Akademie der Wissenschaften in Göttingen, 160).

Sarvajñādeva and dPal brtsegs rakṣita (8.-9. century; chs. 1-12), and Padmākara and Rin chen bzaṅ po (11. century; ch. 13), Saṅs rgyas bcom ldan ’das la bstod pa bsṅags par ’os pa bsṅags pa las bstod par mi nus par bstod pa, Tg stod tshogs ka 84a7-100b7.


Input by Constanze Pabst von Ohain, Jens-Uwe Hartmann, Jens Braarvig and Fredrik Liland, September 2011.

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