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Aristoteles: Rhetorica
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Aristoteles: Rhetorica
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1. Introduction
2. Bibliography
3. Credits


The Arabic version

On the translation: The most recent description of the Arabic text as found in this MS, with references to all earlier works, is found in Uwe Vagelpohl, Aristotle's Rhetoric in the East. The Syriac and Arabic Translation and Commentary Tradition, Leiden: Brill 2008, pp. 39-61. 

BP source of the Arabic text is primarily Malcolm C. Lyons, Aristotle's Ars Rhetorica: The Arabic Version. A new edition, with Commentary and Glossary, Cambridge: Pembroke Arabic Texts 1982. Separate pagination for Arabic text, 1-223. A less reliable text also found in ʿAbd al-Raḥmān Badawī, al-Khaṭāba: al-Tarǧama al-Qadīma, Cairo 1959 [repr. Kuweit: Wikālat al-Maṭbū‘āt / Beirut: Dār al-Qalam 1979].

The current BP edition also provides some new readings based on the unique manuscript:

MS BNF ar. 2346 [old classific. 882 A], fol. 1 - 65

MS = Paris MS | L = Lyons' edition | B = Badawi's edition | IR = Ibn Rushd's Commentary | S = M. S. Salim's readings of the Paris MS as reported in his ed. of Ibn Rushd's Talkhīs al-Khitāba, Cairo 1967 (as reproduced in Lyons' critical notes) | H = Hermannus Alemannus' Latin translation, reproduced in Lyons' critical notes. | em. = emendation by | read. = MS reading by | AB = Amund Bjorsnes.

There exists no codicological description of the Paris MS. The orthography of the current edition follows BP standards for Arabic texts, with minimal normalisation of the skeletal form (basic diacritics and hamza, no unnecessary vowelling or punctuation marks). When MS readings are doubtful, this is indicated in the notes. The diacritics in the MS are sparse, and their absence is indicated in the notes when relevant by the abbreviation read. = "reading by", whith further clarification when neccessary.

Abbreviations for the whole library.


Rhetorica, translation anonyma sive vetus et translation Guillelmi de Moerbeka, edidit Bernhardus Schneider, Leiden 1978.

Rhetorica, translation anonyma sive vetus et translation Guillelmi de Moerbeka, edidit Bernhardus Schneider, Leiden 1978.

Hermannus Alemannus (Parisinus Latinus 16673, saec. XIII), ededit Frédérique Woerther

Rhetoric, by Aristotle, tr. W. Rhys Roberts, Oxford, 1924.

Arabic translation of Aristoteles’ Ῥητορική (Rhetoric) from ca. 8th century A.D. Earlier editions of the manuscript, upon which this edition is to some extent based upon are:

Lyons, M.C. 1982. Aristotle’s Ars Rhetorica. The Arabic version. A new edition, with commentary and glossary. Volume 1. Cambridge: E. & E. Plumridge Ltd.
Badawī, ᶜAbdū r-Raḥmān. 1979. ᵓArisṭūṭālīs. al-Xiṭāba. al-Mutarjama al-ᶜarabīya al-qadīma. Beirut: Dar al-Qalam.


Text input by Amund Bjorsnes (2009). New reading – with editing based on MS BNF Ar 2346  – Autumn 2015-Spring 2017 (Bjorsnes, Braarvig, Issa, Woerther, Ørum).

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