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Eusebius: Chronica
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Eusebius: Chronica
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1. Bibliography
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Abbreviations for the whole library.


Eusebi Chronicorum Libri Duo. Armenian versionem Latine factam ad libros manuscriptos. Ededit Alfred Schoene, vol. 1, Berlin 1875, Greek text and references to the Greek authors are also from this source.

Eusebii Pamphili Caesariensis Episcopi: Chronicon Bipartitum, vol. I, ededit Baptista Aucher Ancyrani, Venice 1818, Armenian text.

Eusebius: Chronicle, translated by A. Smith, see the Attalus Website. Note: This is a translation from Schoene’s Latin translation mentioned above. The page numbers indicated in out text also refer to this edition.


Input by Jens Braarvig, spring 2016.

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