DĀMOS Database of Mycenaean at Oslo
T (e.g. 33T) = thorough treatment of the text in question
Interpretation = PALMER, L. R. 1963. The interpretation of Mycenaean Greek texts. Oxford, Clarendon Press.
Doria(1965) = DORIA, M. 1965. Avviamento allo studio del miceneo: struttura, problemi e testi. Roma, Edizioni dell'Ateneo.
Docs2 = VENTRIS, M., & CHADWICK, J. 1973. Documents in Mycenaean Greek. Cambridge, University Press.
Introduction = HOOKER, J. T. 1980. Linear B: an introduction. Bristol, Bristol Classical Press.
Kasus = HAJNAL, I. 1995. Studien zum mykenischen Kasussyste. Berlin, De Gruyter.
Local Cases = WAANDERS, F. M. J. 1997. Studies in local case relations in Mycenaean Greek. Amsterdam, Gieben.
Melena(2001) = MELENA, J. L. 2001. Textos griegos micénicos comentados. Vitoria-Gasteiz, Eusko Legebiltzarra, Parlamento Vasco.
Bartoněk(2002) = BARTONĚK, A. 2003. Handbuch des mykenischen Griechisch. Heidelberg, Winter.
Ruipérez-Melena(1990) = RUIPÉREZ, M. S., & MELENA, J. L. 2005. Los griegos micénicos. Madrid, Alba Libros.
Companion-1 = DAVIES, A. M. & DUHOUX, Y. 2008. A Companion to linear B: Mycenaean Greek texts and their world. Louvain-la-Neuve, Peeters.
Shows, in bold, the elements, in the table data (Series, joins, etc.) or text, which depart from actual reference editions. For the sources of the changes see the notes.
«ko-wo»: linear B text reported in the notes
€ = source of new joins, new readings, corrections, etc.
JOIN€ = source of join(s)
READ€ = source of new/different reading
NEW€ = source of a new document
CORRECTION€CoMIK4: corrections from the appendix of CoMIK4
þ = hand attribution
OKþ = settled hand attribution
þA = hand attribution where a decision might be relatively easily taken
Qþ = open question about hand attribution (sometimes it refers just to a missing indication of a possible "stylus" in an article proposing a join or a reading)
Cþ = further control in the sources is needed for a given hand attribution
(-) = writer indication
$-$ = stylus indication
© = chronology
@ = location
£ = interpretation
¿ = possible joins
DĀMOS: change of the text present only in DĀMOS
(FA): remarks from DĀMOS author