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Popular title[Continuation du Robinson suisse]
Year of origin1824
GenreRobinsonade for children
HeroFemale and male
NotesMadame de Montolieu's sequel to J.D. Wyss: Der Schweizerische Robinson, 1812. The title "Continuation" is taken from William Edward Mann's thesis Robinson Crusoé en France (1916); the first edition of the continuation does not have a title separate from Wyss' work, but is marked "continué par Mme de Montolieu". Madame de Montolieu also translated Wyss' novel to French, in 1814. Mme de Montolieu explains her motifs for writing the continuation in the preface from 1824. Her preface is usually not included in later editions.


NamePseudonymBorn - DeadGender
Montolieu, Isabelle deMadame Isabelle, Baronne de Montolieu1751 - 1832Female