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Popular titleAmbrose and Eleanor
Year of origin1796
GenreRobinsonade for children
HeroFemale and male
NotesThis is a translation from the French robinsonade by Ducray-Duminil: Lolotte et Fanfan, ou les Aventures de deux Enfans Abandonnés dans une Isle Déserte (1788). The English work is presented as « With alterations adapting it to the Perusal of Youth, for whose Amusement and Instruction it is designed ». The alterations are considered to be so important that Ambrose and Eleanor should count as an independent work. Listed in Ullrich 1898, Gove 1941. Ullrich lists the 6th edition and states that he does not know the original. Gove treats Ambrose and Eleanor as a simpel translation of Lolotte et Fanfan.


NamePseudonymBorn - DeadGender
Peacock, Lucythe author of The Adventures of the six princesses of Babylon, Juvenile Magazine, Visit for a week, &c[1768] - [1816]Female

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Lucy Peacock was a writer of children's books and the editor of a magazine of juvenile fiction.