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Popular titleDen franske Robinsoninde
Year of origin1796
NotesThough not given by the paratext, this is in fact a translation from a French text. The original, Lettre de M. Godin des Odonais, l’aventure tragique de Madame Godin dans son voyage de la province de Quito, à Cayenne, par le fleuve des Amazonas (1773), is a narrative of a real voyage, not a robinsonade. It was published several times in French and translated to English and German. By the title of the Danish translation it is transformed into a pseudorobinsonade. See Gove, p. 43–45, for a discussion on a French edition of Godin's work in a series of imaginary voyages.


NamePseudonymBorn - DeadGender
Godin Des Odonais, Louis  1712 - 1792Male