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TitleLe Robinson brésilien
TranslatorP.C. Gérard
SourceUllrich 1898
NoteThe work is a translation of Amalia Schoppe's work "Die Auswanderer nach Brasilien oder die Hütte am Gigitonhonha" . Ullrich treats this as a robinsonade, but it is not, it is a settler story containing no shipwrecks or desert islands. The first French translation was titled "Les Emigrans au Brésil", but in 1862 it was given the new title "Le Robinson brésilien". By this title the settler story turns into a pseudorobinsonade


Popular titleGenreHeroYear of origin
Le Robinson brésilienPseudorobinsonade for childrenFemale and male 1862

Authors of work

NamePseudonymBorn - DeadGender
Schoppe, Amalia 1791 - 1858Female