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TitleThe Noble Slaves : or, the Lives and Adventures of Two Lords and two Ladies, who were shipwreck' d and cast upon a desolate Island near the East-Indies, in the Year 1710. The Manner of their living there: The surprizing Discoveries they made, and strange Deliverance thence. How in their return to Europe they were taken by two Algerine Pirates near the Straits of Gibraltar. Of the Slavery they endured in Barbary; and of their meeting there with several Persons of Quality, who were likewise Slaves. Of their escaping thence, and safe Arrival in their respective Countries, Venice, Spain and France, in the Year 1718. With many extraordinary Accidents that befel some of them afterwards. Being a History full of most remarkable Events
Publisherprinted for Simms And M'Intyre
SourceGove, p.238
Mode of inspectionSecondary


Popular titleGenreHeroYear of origin
The Noble SlavesRobinsonade Female and male1722


NamePseudonymBorn - DeadGender
Aubin, Penelope [1679] - 1738Female