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TitleZélie dans le désert
Physical description18° , 4 vols.
SourceGove, p.382
NoteGove refers to William-Edvard Mann's theses from 1916: Robinson Crusoé en France for documetnatuion of this edition. Mann in turn refers to Querard's La France littéraire ou Dictionnaire bibliographique (1827), but he supposes the 1795 and 1804 editions to be counterfeits since the editions from 1819 and 1823 are presented as respectively the fourth and fifth French editions. There seems to be no copies of the 1804 edition to be found.


Popular titleGenreHeroYear of origin
Zélie dans le désertRobinsonade Female 1786

Authors of work

NamePseudonymBorn - DeadGender
Daubenton, MargueriteMadame D...1720 - 1818Female