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TitleThe Life of Charlotta du Pont : An English Lady; Taken from her own Memoirs. Giving an Account how she was trepan'd by her Stepmother to Virginia, how the Ship was Taken by some Madagascar Pirates, and retaken by a Spanish Man of War. Of her Marriage in the Spanish West-Indies, and Adventures whilst she resided there, with her return to England. And the History of several Gentlemen and Ladys whom she met withal in her Travels; some of whom had been Slaves in Barbary, and others cast on Shore by Shipwreck on the barbarous Coasts up the great River Oroonoko: with their Escape thence, and safe Return to France and Spain. A History that contains the greatest Variety of Events that ever was publish'd. / By Mrs. Aubin.
Place of publication as given on title pageLondon
PublisherPrinted for A. Bettesworth at the Red Lion in Pater-Noster-Row 12° (152 mm x 92 mm)
Physical description12° (152 mm x 92 mm) iii-vi + 282 p. ; 21 ch.
SourceGove p. 239; Blackwell p. 23
LocationBL 1578 / 7844
Mode of inspectionMaterial


Popular titleGenreHeroYear of origin
The Life of Charlotta du PontRobinsonade Female and male 1723


NamePseudonymBorn - DeadGender
Aubin, Penelope [1679] - 1738Female