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TitleHannah Hewit : Or, The Female Crusoe. Being the History of a Woman of uncommon, mental, and personal accomplishments; Who, after a variety of extraordinary and interesting adventures in almost every station of life, from splendid prosperity to abject adversity, was cast away in the Grosvenor East-Indiaman: And became for three years the sole inhabitant of an island in the South Seas. Supposed to be written by herself.
Place of publication as given on title pageLondon
PublisherPrinted for C. Dibdin, at his music warehouse, n. 411, Strand
Physical description8° (159 mm x 98 mm) 3 vol. Vol. 1: i-xvii + 220 p; Vol. 2: 271 p; Vol 3.: 274 p - vol. 1: i–xvii + 220 p, vol 2: 271p, vol 3: 274 p
SourceThe dating of the work is disputed. We follow Gove (1975: 394), who in his turn follow E. Rimbault Dibdin, the author’s great-grandchild.
LocationBL 635.a.16-18
Mode of inspectionMaterial


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Hannah HewitRobinsonade Female1796


NamePseudonymBorn - DeadGender
Dibdin, Charles  1745 - 1814Male